Applying Mascaras For Perfect Lashes Like A Pro – Do’s and Dont’s

Applying Mascaras For Perfect Lashes Like A Pro – Do’s and Dont’s

Mascaras enhances your eyes in a natural way as it makes your lashes look fuller, longer and thicker. Follow and master these amazing rules to do your lashes properly.


 Rules to Applying Mascaras Like A Pro – Do’s

  1. Apply eyeliner and eyeshadow before mascara. This keeps tiny particles from getting lodged into the mascara and helps you sport a clean finish.
  2. Ensure your eyelashes are curled before applying mascara because mascara hardens eyelashes to some extent. You can end up straining eyelashes if you do not curl them before application.
  3. Apply mascara from roots to the upper tips. Not the other way round.
  4. Removing excess mascara off the brush before application helps avoid lash clumps. Use a tissue paper to remove old mascara and avoid rubbing the bristles of the wand against the tube’s opening.
  5. Apply mascara in layers to get voluminous eyelashes. After the first layer dries, comb lashes with a comb-wand before applying the second layer.
  6. Wiggling the brush back and forth on your lower lashes, and then moving the brush smoothly to to the tips will help you curl lower eyelashes.
  7. If your mascara smudges, wait for it to dry and pick up the smudge using a cotton bud.


Rules to Applying Mascaras Like A Pro – Dont’s

  1. Don’t apply waterproof mascaras regularly. Such mascara can dry out the eyelashes. Removing waterproof mascara also requires extra and careful rubbing.
  2. Once you have applied mascara don’t curl your lashes else you’ll spread the mascara all over. Mascara dries eyelashes and curling them post application can loosen and pull them out.
  3. Don’t apply the second layer before the first layer has dried up. This can cause clumps.
  4. Don’t buy mascara because it is priced affordably. Quality matters the most. Use reputed brands such as Milani, BH Cosmetics, Fablashous, Lakme, Rimmel and a few other reputed brands.
  5. Mascara has the shortest shelf life of about three to four months. Applying expired mascara will create a bumpy and flawed look.
  6. Don’t just work with one mascara. For example, you can use both thickening and lengthening mascaras to create sexy eyes.
  7. During application, don’t wiggle the wand from side to side because that will make your mascara look all clumpy.
  8. Do not add a whole lot of mascara to your wand because the excess when applied will make the area around your eyes looked caked and make your eyes appear smaller.
  9. Don’t be in a hurry. The area around the eyes is delicate and any rush can damage the skin and end up causing fine lines and/or wrinkles.


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