Know The Different Types Of Face Powders

Know The Different Types Of Face Powders

Powder is a fixture in almost every beauty lover’s life, but it’s become an increasingly complicated subject.

Most people often refer to powders as though it’s the one product – but there are actually a bunch of different types that fall under this umbrella, hence the confusion one might feel when trying to pick the right one.


Loose Powders

These babies comes in a jar, has smaller particles (and therefore a finer consistency), and usually give lightweight coverage. They’re also messy and hard to transport, so these guys are meant to stay at home.


Compact Powders Or Pressed Powders

They contains ingredients used to turn the product into a semi-solid cake. These are usually things like silicones and waxes, so if your skin is annoyed by that stuff, you may have a hard time with pressed powder. Because the particles are slightly bigger and contain these stick-together ingredients, applying too much pressed powder can result in a cake-y appearance. Using a little as a touch-up throughout the day, though, is quick and easy.


Mineral powders

Mineral powder can come in both pressed and loose form. It’s made from tiny micro-particles that were once minerals deep in the depths of the earth. They often boast extra skin care benefits like anti-inflammatory properties and breathable coverage. The Milani Mineral Compact Makeup Powder fall into this category.

Mineral powder foundation is ideal for combination skin.


HD Powders

They are so named because makeup artists working on TV and movies that shoot in high definition found that other powders read as too heavy on film. Absolute New York HD Flawless Powder Foundation and Ben Nye MediaPRO HD Compact Powder fall within this category.


Powder Foundations

Powder Foundations are basically foundations in powder forms. They usually provide a full coverage. The beauty of a powder foundation is you can gradually build it up for a total coverage without feeling heavy on the skin . Absolute New York HD Flawless Powder Foundation also falls within this category.


Setting Powders

Setting powder is designed to be applied on top of your foundation. It helps to “set” or hold your foundation in place and prevent it from rubbing off. Setting powder can also help reduce the sticky feeling and shine that foundation often has after it is applied.

Some women use setting powder to absorb excess oil and use it to touch up their makeup throughout the day. They can also come in loose or compact forms.

Great example of setting powders include Milani Prep Set Go Transparent Face Powder, Absolute New York HD Flawless Loose Setting Powder e.t.c.


Finishing Powders

Finishing powder is generally used AFTER setting powder to blur fine lines and pores, giving you an extra-perfect look. It is designed to be applied on top of setting powder and all other makeup. It is best for situations where you’re going to be photographed a lot, rather than an essential step for everyday makeup.  A popular finishing powder that is easily available in Nigeria is the Black Opal True Color Soft Velvet Finishing Powder.

Finishing powder is not usually used on a day-to-day basis, but often reserved for special occasions when a lot of pictures might be taken.


That is all for the moment most of the different types on powders mentioned in here are available on our online eCommerce store and you can place your orders online. If you have any questions please let us know the comment section below.



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