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Have Oily Skin or Sweat a lot? Here is how to make your Makeup Last all day in this Nigerian Weather.


The Nigerian weather is hot and humid or cold and dry. Either way it terrible for makeup. It gets worse if you have an oily skin. We all know how much effort it takes to apply a face full of makeup, and there’s nothing more annoying than seeing the remnants of your hard work slide down your face by the end of the day.

Getting you makeup  to last all day in this Nigerian weather is possible if you know a trick or two. This article is about simple makeup routines and products that would enable your makeup last all day long without smearing or creasing.


Always Wash Your Face

Washing away dirt, sebum and old makeup will help your fresh makeup stay in place a lot longer. If you put fresh makeup on a dirty face, it’ll tend to slip off or flake away.

  • Wash your face in the morning, before putting on makeup.
  • Don’t use harsh soap on your face. It can cause irritation and dryness, which will make your makeup come off sooner.


Always Use Makeup Primers

If you haven’t been using makeup primer, then you’re really missing out. Primer is a life-saver for getting your makeup to stay-put in extreme weather.

Whether you wear a full face of makeup everyday or you prefer to keep it light, makeup primer is a godsend when trying to combat shine or create a smooth base for foundation.

Yet, many people often skip this step because they believe they don’t really need it, are unsure of how to use it or don’t think it’s worth the investment. However, using primer underneath your makeup will make everything last longer.

Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing Face PrimerA good primer that easily available in the Nigerian market is the Milani Prime Shield Mattifying Face Primer. You can also try the Absolute New York Flawless Face Foundation Primer.

Face primers are to be applied as a base before you apply your makeup. You do not need a lot of it – all you need is a small pea size. Using your finger tip, you are to apply it and massage it unto your face just like you would apply a moisturiser unto your face.




Always Use Setting Sprays

Ben Nye Final SealSetting sprays are like hair sprays for your face, these facial mists will prevent your makeup from budging for hours. Setting sprays help keep your makeup from sliding down your face and reduce any oily buildup. They achieve this by mattifying your look. They basically convert your regular makeup into matte.

The best setting spray out there that is easily available in the market is the Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer. This spray will keep your makeup in place for hours (seriously, even through heat, workouts and a night out.) . Even if you sweat, hug or rub, your makeup will stay in place. Other good ones are the Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, NYX Makeup Setting Spray – Matte Finish and e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set.

Setting sprays are to be applied at the very end of your make routine. To apply, always shake the containers and spray a little mist unto your face at the very end of your makeup routine.


Use Setting Powders to Control Shine

If you have an oily skin, translucent setting powders would be a lifesaver for you.

Milani Prep Set Go Transparent Face PowderSetting powders are the powders that go directly on top of your foundation. These are either tinted or translucent, and are designed to set and mattify makeup. They can be tinted or transluscent. However, it is best to go for the translucent or transparent varieties as these would not change the color or look for your makeup as they are universal. A good example is the  Milani Prep Set Go Transparent Powder.

I always recommend that every lady should have a translucent setting powder with her anywhere she goes.

Dab your face anytime of the day with it when you feel that your face is starting to look shiny. It will absorb the oil, get the shine and help your makeup look flawless.


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